WSE report 2018

“Whole-School Evaluation – Management, Leadership and Learning” reports on the quality of teaching and learning and on the quality of management and leadership in a school.

It affirms good practice and makes recommendations, where appropriate, to aid the further development of educational provision in the school.

During February 2018, inspectors from the Department of Education & Skills evaluated and reported under the following headings or areas of enquiry:

  1. The quality of pupils’ learning
  2. The quality of teaching
  3. The quality of support for pupils’ well-being
  4. The quality of leadership and management
  5. The quality of school self-evaluation

Inspectors describe the quality of each of these areas using the Inspectorate’s quality continuum, (shown on the final page of the report). The quality continuum provides examples of the language used by inspectors when evaluating and describing the quality of the school’s provision in each area.

The Board of Management was given an opportunity to comment in writing on the findings and recommendations of the report, and the response of the Board can be found in the appendix of this report.

The board welcomed affirmation provided by the report of the high standards in the school.

It is heartening to note that the report findings reflect very good results in areas where the school has invested significant time and resources in implementing new programmes such as reading, writing, maths and the Aistear Programme.

It is the Board’s intention to incorporate the report’s recommendations into Scoil Bhríde’s school plan.

Every effort will be made to implement these recommendations, as we believe in and encourage best practice in all areas to provide optimum learning experiences for the children in our care.

The report is available for download here.